All of our beef is locally raised in Grey County, and is hormone and antibiotic free.   The steaks are all AAA and aged between 4-6 weeks.  We'll be happy to explain why this is the best way.



Our lamb, like all our meats is clean, with no hormones or antibiotics and is sourced from small scale local farmers. With over 30 years experience farming lamb himself, Chris knows good lamb when he finds it. We sell it fresh as well as marinated for those looking for something a little different.




Our chicken is free run, hormone and antibiotic free, and air chilled. It comes from the Bradford area. We provide a variety of ways to enjoy our chickens including several types of pre-marinaded pieces.



Our pork is all high quality and clean(you know it by now, no hormones or antibiotics!) and comes from just outside Arthur.  Come rediscover what a good pork chop tastes like!


Smoked and Cured

We sell a range of traditionally smoked products all from nearby smoke houses, including double smoked bacon in slabs and slices, boneless and bone in hams, sliced deli meats, a range of pepperettes,  smoked sausages, all beef hotdogs, smoked trout and most excitingly, our own house smoked pork chops, smoked salmon, new smoked turkey drumsticks and peameal bacon. We're always up for a challenge, this year at Thanksgiving Matt made house cured and smoke pork belly bacon. What a treat!


Our sausages are hand made in store with our own secret spice mixtures, using ingredients as natural as possible, and are made from the same quality meats that are in our counter.  Our selection is always growing. 


All of our ground products are ground in store from the same high quality meats.

Meals & Desserts

Our meals are all made in store stuffed with our own meats and other local produce.  We make a range of British style pies, wheat free meals and other tasty concoctions.